May Day 2019


May 1st has been my favorite day of the year for some time now. I couldn’t tell you exactly why. Along with May being my favorite month now. It wasn’t a deliberate choice on my part. It just sort of happened.

But it’s May again. Which makes me happy. That plus gorgeous spring weather, sunshine, birds singing, flowers, and loads of greenness everywhere is enough to brighten my mood!

Heidi and I are getting ready to move into our own little house. It’s a charming old farmhouse cottage that needs a great deal of love and repairs before it will be restored to its former glory, but it is quite literally my dream house. It has an amazing yard, a porch swing, (pictured above) and it’s location couldn’t be more perfect.

We’re currently waiting for the owner to fix a couple more things before we can turn the water and electricity on. Once that’s done we can really get started on repairs. And I fully intend to share before, during, and after pictures. It’s crazy and adventurous and I cannot wait to get started.

I hope you have a brilliantly fantastic May Day. If it’s your thing, be sure to get some fresh air and enjoy a bit of spring. If you don’t like that sort of thing, then you do you.

I have to work most of the day but I fully intend to chill out in the hammock this evening with a good book and probably a crowd of siblings making loads of noise. These days have been full of those moments that I know I’ll be cherishing forever. I’m trying to soak up all the tranquility I can before cosmetology school starts in mid-June. Because that is going to be a whole other level of insanity!


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